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Characteristics, working principle and application range of three – edge drill pipe

Three-edge arc convex type gas drainage drill pipe, referred to as three-edge drill pipe. The middle rod body of three-edge drill pipe is three-edge arc type, and the two ends can be welded by friction welding to form an arc type with triangular appearance, or processed into a whole three-edge type.


1. Taper thread connection type

In the structure design, the rod body uses the triangular pyramid structure, in the production and use reflects the characteristics of high energy saving efficiency, so it is called the triangular pyramid friction welding drill pipe.

Advantages: in the use of three edge difference diameter stirring so that the coal slag will not precipitate in the movement of effective discharge, in the design also to ensure that the same type of drill pipe thread specifications become larger.

2. Six-way socket connection type

The joint of drill pipe adopts six-square connection mode, so that the torque and comprehensive mechanical properties of drill pipe under the condition of the same diameter can achieve high configuration, which reflects the design goal of maximizing the torque of drill pipe.

Advantages: the use of special horizontal drill pipe spring positioning pin connection, effectively avoid the threaded type of drill pipe thread stuck, screw head twisted off phenomenon.

At the same time, the installation and disassembly of horizontal drill pipe spring positioning pin is convenient and time saving. Compared with screw or bolt type fixing pin, the work efficiency is greatly improved.

The working principle and application scope of three-edge drill pipe

Scope of application

It is widely used in deep hole water exploration and gas extraction drilling construction of hard rock strata and coal rock in coal mine tunnel, and can also be used in ground drilling construction of highway, railway and other infrastructure projects.

The working principle of

Compared with the traditional drill pipe, the three-edge drill pipe in the drilling process, the effective stirring of coal slag around the drill pipe to do axial movement, and the drill slag is crushed and raised, so that it is in a suspended state, and will not appear precipitation, accumulation.

Under the effect of rotating radius, form a triangular drill pipe to be bored with of borehole wall continuous reinforcement, convenient inverted triangular type fast plug connection way, according to the drilling situation timely reverse and return a drill, thus greatly reduce phenomenon, caused by the collapse hole drill pipe, holding in death of is also known as anti-lock drill pipe, avoid and reduce the gas outburst accident, improve production efficiency.

Post time: Dec-27-2021