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Coal bit classification and its use is what

Coal drill is now commonly used in the drilling industry three commodities, strength is divided into two categories, TYPE I for soft rock drilling, type II for hard rock and hard solid rock drilling. With faster drilling speed, wide milling coverage, time saving, effort saving, simple interface, durable and other outstanding characteristics. The coal bit is used in the drilling of soft raw coal, hard coal roadway and coal rock. Below by Zhengzhou forest industry xiaobian to introduce the classification and use of coal drill.

1. Specifications and models of coal drill bits
Coal bit specifications and models are divided into ф 28mm, ф 30mm, ф 32mm, ф 38mm, ф 42mm according to the diameter of the two wing size.

2. Classification of coal drill bits
According to the working mode is not the same, coal drill can also be divided into dry test and wet test two. Dry test bit is a bit that does not supply dust water and has no power supply safety channel in the whole drilling process. Wet test bit: the bit with dust water supplied during the whole drilling process and a safe passage for power supply. According to the two wing material is not the same, the coal bit is divided into carbide cutter bit and diamond composite sheet (PDC) bit.

3, the main use of coal drill
Installed in the coal chemical drilling, the key to soft – hard rock reinforcement anchor bolt support hole drilling. It is generally used in coal roadway with rock strength F ≤8, especially in the bolt support work of coal roadway, it can drill anchor cable hole of cast-in-place slab.

In China, the coal bit field has the following characteristics: first, the market capacity, because the coal bit is used in the coal drilling industry, the middle and lower reaches of the demand is relatively large; Second, the total number of manufacturing enterprises is large, and the scale of operation is small, more widespread, and the industry concentration is low.

Above is “what is the classification of coal bit and its use?” I hope I can help you. If you want to master the content of other mining equipment, you can pay attention to this website, but also consult our online customer service, we do our best to serve you.

Post time: Dec-27-2021